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I agree and certify that I am the legal owner or authorized signer for this business and that all the information provided is true and accurate. I am legally capable of entering into this agreement and I agree to all terms and conditions as a Retailer Member of the Convenience Marketers Association. I certify all orders, reports and data including but not limited to records of sales or purchases, which I or my representatives will provide to CMA, to be true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I authorize CMA to utilize said data for the sole purposes of negotiating and redeeming on my behalf, any and all CMA programs and promotions for each location I enroll. While enrolled with CMA, I authorize CMA to administer the tracking and payment for all CMA manufacturer programs in excess of my supplier and distributor programs. I acknowledge that any/all user permissions for programs, technology, process, or information at are proprietary and provided to me and my authorized representatives on a confidential basis, solely for internal use. As such, I certify that I and my representatives will not replicate, disseminate, share, or transmit in any form, without prior written consent by Convenience Marketers Association.

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